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Friday, June 15, 2007


When I think of all the values my father, Clovis Haynes, taught me, three words come to mind; love, strength and knowledge. My father encouraged me to show love and compassion for others, he showed me strength comes from within, even when you feel you have none, and reminded me that knowledge is a power that opens many doors to a bright future. Looking back ...more

There is a "Zits" comic strip that I unfortunately cannot uncover from the journals full of clippings and images that I collect, but nevertheless, I remember it: Jeremy, the aspiring teenage rock star, sits in his room with a note taped to his computer screen. In menacing, capital letters, it says: "FIVE-PAGE ESSAY DUE TOMORROW." The moon ...more

At Concord-Carlisle High School graduation on on a rainy Saturday, June 9, 298 diplomas were awarded. The speaker was Ben Kendall of the Social Studies Department. ...more

Pamela Anderson Duke University ...more

Snapping turtles were laying eggs all over Carlisle last week. First, on June 2, Ellen Miller reported three large snappers laying eggs at Foss Farm. Linda Palmaccio has seen a snapper laying eggs in her garden on Woodridge Road for the past five or six years, and she (the turtle) was at it again on June 4. ...more

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