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Friday, June 15, 2007


Carlisle School Wellness Committee looks at nutrition

The Carlisle School Wellness Committee is recommending "non-food" celebrations for special events, Director of Student Services, Karen Slack, told the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on June 6. The goal of the committee, she said, "was to make recommendations that lead to a healthier lifestyle at school and fitness in general."

The Wellness Committee was formed in 2005, and current members include: school nurses Kathy Horan and Lori Desjardin, Physical Education teacher Margaret Heigl, Director of Food Services Susan Robichaud, Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman, and parents Brian Herr, Leigh Tappen and Liz Bishop. On March 17 the committee delivered a "Wellness Presentation" to the Carlisle School Association, slides of which can be seen by choosing "General Information" on the school's web site,

Changes in the school cafeteria include using whole-grain pizza dough, whole-wheat rolls on pasta days and making foods such as soups on site to control the ingredients. Future changes being considered include new items such as hummus, salsa, and baked potatoes, and more fresh fruit.


The school has many traditional celebrations that involve food, Slack explained, such as birthdays and parent coffees. "We still want to celebrate birthdays," she said, explaining that teachers have suggested replacing cupcakes with a birthday crown, which the student would wear all day. That way, she explained, the student would "see others in cafeteria who shared the same birthday."

"Parent coffees, another celebration involving food, often result in the students eating more treats than the parents," she said. Past parent coffees have included donut holes, cakes, cookies and fruit. "We can still have coffee and juice but not the multitude of food."

Slack noted that healthy eating was incorporated in the younger grades' traditional Thanksgiving feast this year.

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