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Friday, June 15, 2007


Shorts from the CSC, June 6

· Summer school. Summer school schedules are finalized, Director of Student Services Karen Slack reported at the June 6 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee (CSC). Each summer, she explained, the school offers half-day group instruction sessions to students "who are at a substantial risk for regression." This year, Slack said, the program is being expanded to include middle-school students, "saving the cost of sending students out of the district."

Teacher training in ELL (English Language Learners) will be offered early this summer at Carlisle School, Slack reported. "We found some trainers who can come at the beginning of the summer." The training, which will cover four days, is also offered to Concord teachers, she added. She noted that teachers who take the course will be giving up four days of their summer vacation.

· Kindergarten orientation. A kindergarten outreach meeting was held recently, reported Elementary Principal Patrice Hurley. Children entering kindergarten in the fall and their parents participated in the "Growing Into Kindergarten" program. The kindergarten teachers entertained the children in the library by reading books, playing games, and providing a snack, while parents met in a classroom with reading specialist Sue LaPorte, School Psychologist Ann Price and Math Coordinator Liz Perry. "Only two children cried," Hurley added, but they were quickly comforted. The program is in its third year. LaPorte wrote in an e-mail, "Our focus is to give the parents advice on preparing their children for kindergarten." She continued, "For math and literacy we want children prepared through fun, low-key activities." The third area, gaining independence, was covered by Price, who suggested parents could help prepare their children by encouraging independence skills such as zipping coats and tying shoes.

· Bus, kindergarten fees. Bus fees for seventh and eighth graders will remain at $395 per student for FY08. The kindergarten fee will also remain the same, at $775 per student for the two all-day kindergarten classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

All-day kindergarten on Tuesdays and Thursdays began in the late 1990s, and was funded by a grant. School Superintendent Marie Doyle explained the fee is based on the number of sections and teachers.

· Web and media policy. The school committee approved a revised web page policy, which contains specific guidelines on creating and using web pages. "Only authorized members of the Carlisle Public Schools' administration and faculty can publish, or post, web pages to the Carlisle Public Schools' web site," the policy states. It contains information on web safety, allowable content, contact information format, requirements for copyright notice, type of student work ("Student work should be checked to ensure all content represents academic quality."), and warns that inappropriate sites can be removed. The faculty will be required to sign a web page publishing agreement.

The parental media release has also been updated. The form asks parent for their permission "to photograph, videotape or audio record" their child, "and agree that this may be used for school publications, Internet pages and school-related video productions. This information may also be released to local news media."

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