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Friday, June 15, 2007


Carlisle teachers vote no confidence in Superintendent Marie Doyle

The Carlisle Teachers' Association (CTA) has issued a vote of "no confidence" in Carlisle Superintendent Marie Doyle, stating in a press release on Monday, June 11, "The Carlisle Teachers' Association, by a vote of 54-3, has passed a vote of "no confidence" in the Superintendent of Schools, Marie Doyle. There were five abstentions."

The statement, issued by the CTA Executive Board, describes attempts made to resolve issues with Superintendent Doyle. "The Association takes this step only after a long series of private communications between the teachers and the superintendent. Although the teachers have preferred to keep the issues out of the public domain, recent events have convinced us that this vote was the proper step. A statement detailing some of our concerns was approved along with the no-confidence vote." (See page 6.)

According to eighth-grade social studies teacher and CTA President Michael Miller, the CTA sought advice from the Massachusetts Teachers Association prior to releasing the list of concerns. He said that in general, the concerns include: "Specifics about our communication with the Superintendent, about the Superintendent keeping her word, and about respect for teachers."

When asked if Carlisle teachers had made a similar no-confidence vote in the past, Miller responded, "Not in my 14 years" at the school.

Board of Selectmen Chair and former Carlisle School Committee (CSC) member Tim Hult remembered a no-confidence vote being contemplated in the past, but could not remember an occasion where the vote was taken.

As of press time, no one at the Massachusetts Department of Education could be reached to explain the ramifications of a no-confidence vote. Hult said it may not have formal legal meaning, but nonetheless the CTA vote represented a strong message from the teachers to the School Committee.

CSC Chair Nicole Burkel, reached by phone, responded that there was "no comment at this time." CSC members Dale Ryder and Chad Koski also had no comment, while Michael Fitzgerald and Wendell Sykes could not be reached.

A School Committee meeting was scheduled for Thursday, June 14. Burkel said it would include a private executive session to discuss a personnel issue.

Speaking after the Monday night parent meetings, Doyle indicated she would respond to the CTA vote after she had received more information.

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