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Friday, June 15, 2007

School Building Committee responds to questions

To the Editor:

In her editorial in last week's Mosquito, "School's Building Project Needs Your Input," Betsy Fell poses the question: why not wait until enrollment increases or at least until the Massachusetts School Building Authority decides what projects it will fund in its first year?

To answer in reverse order: The MSBA is not expected to release its list of approved projects until late fall. The School Building Committee is seeking a vote on design funds (10% of the cost of a project) earlier in the fall because we would otherwise need to wait until Spring Town Meeting. What's the big deal over six months? Six months on the regular calendar translates into a year on the school calendar. Best case, if we began design in the late fall, we would have a new building by September 2010. If we wait another six months to begin design, it will be September 2011 before we can open the doors of a new building. So four more years in Spalding with its leaking roofs, occasional mold outbreaks, and termites.

We believe that year difference could be critical in terms of the deteriorating condition of Spalding. Further, there is the risk that we will not be approved in the first year of the new MSBA program.

Why not wait until enrollment increases? A. Because of the condition of Spalding and the long-term crowding on the campus as a wholewe need new space now. B. Construction costs are rising 10% per year.

As the Mosquito detailed, the SBC has presented three options that address smaller projects than those outlined in last year's more comprehensive master plan. Please take the time to inform yourself about these plans, and feel free to consult with anyone on the building committee about your views and questions. Members include Wendell Sykes, Ingo Szegvari, Bob Pauplis, Bill Risso, Don Rober, and myself.

Christy Barbee
Chair, School Building Committee

Housing Authority member responds

To the Editor:

Last week's Mosquito ran a story entitled "Neighbors air views on Benfield housing" which included the surprising sentence, "South Street resident Ray Kubacki made a gesture, not visible to Harris, to express his displeasure with the tower idea." This description leaves the reader with the impression that the gesture was threatening or disrespectful in some way, when in fact it was clearly made in jest, and those of us present at the meeting shared a laugh over it.

Eugenia Harris
South Street

Newcomer thanks neighbors for kindnesses

To the Editor:

We just moved to the city of Carlisle on May 31. In the course of unpacking the first day here, our nine-year-old dog, "Roxanne," wandered off and got good and lost.

We were amazed and humbled by the outpouring of support by Carlisle residents in being "on the lookout" for her. Many of our new neighbors helped with the search, posted information on their e-mail lists and phoned in sightings. We had five or six sightings and a few near misses in the first three days. Your efforts kept our hopes going and Roxanne was finally found on the next Friday — hungry and crying down in Concord. She had lost about nine pounds and had worn through her paws, but besides that she is rebounding quickly.

Thanks so much for your help and kindness. What a wonderful first impression the city of Carlisle has made on our family. . .Y'all really remind us what it is to be a good neighbor!

Chris, Sandy, Jon, Zach, Natalie
and most of all Roxanne Eisenbies
Munroe Hill Road

Thanks for the interesting series at the library

To the Editor:

I would like to express my appreciation to the Friends of Carlisle Council on Aging (Jeanne Rourk Fund) and the Friends of Gleason Public Library for the fall and spring series they sponsored.

Elliot Lilien, former CCHS teacher, discussed the intricacies of World War I with active participation from the audience and next we had the toe-tapping experience of "Jammin' the Blues" led by John Clark, Ph.D. of Connecticut College.

I strongly urge townspeople to support these agencies either through donations or volunteering your time. I look forward to future programs.

Sheila R. Semrad
South Street

Old Home Day. . . Not quite, but almost there

To the Editor:

So far 79 people have remembered to send in a donation to help us complete what it takes to make Old Home Day as special as it can be.

We're not there yet and the date is just two weeks away. Please help us keep this tradition alive and citizen sponsored. Make Carlisle proud and send what you can to: The Old Home Day Committee at 90 Page Brook Road.

We can do it, but not without you.

Dave and Florence Reed
Old Home Day Co-Chairs
Page Brook Road

Thanks for Pass It Forward Day

To the Editor:

I would like to publicly thank Mary Zoll for her tireless and above and beyond the call of duty efforts for our recent Pass It Forward Day. I am a Carlisle resident and also work at The Discovery Museums right next door in Acton. Mary spotted things for us and even kept things at her home so I could pick up later since I couldn't get to the Transfer Station when the day ended. While The Discovery Museums is extremely grateful for your generosity (yes, please keep the gently used Brio trains, science books, and furniture, etc. coming), my point here is in a time when we all want to simplify our lives, take care of our own needs, it was refreshing to get to know Mary Zoll. She worked tirelessly on this project. Thank you, Mary, for caring so much about the needs of others.

Claudia Bard Veitch
Pheasant Hill Lane

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