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Friday, June 8, 2007


Twenty years ago a huge project was begun that would culminate a year later in the raising of Carlisle Castle, all by volunteers, on the Carlisle School property. The project took immense planning, fundraising, and volunteer hours, much like a community barn-raising. General Coordinator Darlene Robertson Grove (now living in Fort Wayne, Texas) said ...more

I've often wondered how Thoreau, following other early naturalists, seemed not to distinguish between singing Hermit and Wood Thrushes, believing that the Wood Thrush sang both songs. Although the Wood Thrush has a beautiful song (see Biodiversity Corner, of June 27, 2003), it is quite different from the Hermit Thrush's own "ethereal bell-like cadences ...more

The boys baseball team wrapped up their regular season on May 28 with a tough loss to Burlington, 6-5, and a final regular season record of 11-9-0. The team proceeded to the first round of the Division 2 North playoffs on May 31 but lost 2-1 against Belmont. ...more

I was in a shipwreck. But thankfully it wasn't anything like the Titanic! ...more

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