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Friday, June 1, 2007


When Dr. John Japp and his wife Norma came to Carlisle in 1956, he had just completed medical school at Tufts University. Why Carlisle? Dr. Japp explains, "Dr. Lord, who practiced medicine in Bedford for many years, recommended that we live here because there was no doctor in Carlisle." ...more

The poppy is the symbol of Memorial Day. Do you know why? ...more

Name. May 23 (three hundred years ago) is the birthday of Carl Linnaeus, the man who created a methodology for plant classification and the binomial system of naming organisms that we still use today. In his honor I have chosen the mapleleaf viburnum, Viburnum acerifolium, a plant like chrysanthemums and rhododendrons where the genus name ...more

Chess is hot on Friday mornings at Carlisle School, where over 60 students in grades pre-K to four can be found bent over their chessboards, or taking group lessons. For an hour before elementary school starts, the students pair off, note their wins and losses, and discuss strategies with over 14 parent volunteers. ...more

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