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Friday, June 1, 2007

Old Home Day and you

To the Editor:

In 1972 it cost us just over $2,000 to have an Old Home Day. Back then we could pretty much break even from what we took in and we didn't need any donations. That was 35 years ago and now, adjusted for inflation, that 1972 figure is well over $10,000, as are our expenses this year.

So far 44 people have remembered to send in their donations for Old Home Day. With this limited number of people responding to our call, we are short of our expenses this year by nearly half. Our volunteer efforts on OHD can't make up that much of a difference. We don't want to invade the spirit of community that "old" represents by doubling or tripling prices at the various events. That means we have to rely on donations from you to make up that difference.

Please remember us with a donation. We're looking forward to another great day that stays that way because of you. Send what you can, as soon as you can, to OHD at 90 Page Brook Road.

Dave Reed
Page Brook Road

Come to Democratic Picnic

To the Editor:

Come to the 3rd annual Democratic Picnic, to be held Sunday afternoon (June 3) from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Comjean residence, 314 River Road. At this year's picnic, we will be honoring seven members of the Town Committee for 20 (or more) years of service. Also, we will have both our State Representative Cory Atkins and our State Senator Susan Fargo joining us.

As you probably know, our Representative to Congress, Marty Meehan, has resigned his position to take on the Chancellorship of UMass Lowell. The Democratic primary, to select the candidate to run in the Special Election to replace Rep. Meehan, will be held on September 4 (less than 100 days from now). There are currently five candidates running for Rep. Meehan's seat as Democrats. We are expecting four of these candidates to attend the picnic.

Please join us for a lively and festive event. Join your Carlisle neighbors who are aware that "Politics is not a spectator sport." The picnic is open to anyone interested in politics (no requirement to be a Democrat). If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Susan Stamps at 1-978-369-8462 or online at

Bob Wallhagen
Vice Chair of the Democratic
Town Committee
Timothy Lane

A grandmother worries

To the Editor:

I am an avid reader of your newspaper even though I live in the Indiana Dune Country at the south end of Lake Michigan.

I'm so happy to know that you have people in your town who are concerned about the Black Bear. I am sure that they want something done about this problem before a child is killed and to be morbid, eaten by a bear.

I'm particularly interested because I have two granddaughters who live in Carlisle and I am most concerned and feel as many do, that something should and must be done to eliminate or eradicate the bear. I'm sure this bear could be shot with a gun that would put the bear to sleep, and then by truck, it could be hauled away to where Mother Nature wanted it in the first place.

Please heed what your Carlisle neighbors are telling you before a great tragedy happens.

Barbara Scully
Portage, Indiana

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