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Friday, May 25, 2007


Two dollars won't buy much at a Boston restaurant, but at the Carlisle School Corey Dining Room it can buy a delicious and healthy "home cooked" meal. Tacos with the "fixins," pasta with meatballs, build-your-own chicken fajita, or oven-baked chicken are a few of the many lunch choices Carlisle students have each month. Included in the ...more

I wasn't able to attend the organic and locally grown food potluck supper on April 28, sponsored by the First Religious Society's (FRS) Environmental Action Committee and held at Union Hall. Still, I wanted to hear about that event, which featured locally grown or organic food prepared by friends and neighbors and speakers Ben Grosscup and Jack Kittredge of ...more

Name. The cedar-apple rust, Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae, is a fungus that requires both an apple (or crabapple) and a juniper to complete its life cycle. The "cedar" in the name actually refers to junipers (Juniperus species); this disease does not occur on true cedars (Cedrus species), which are not native ...more

You read it first in the Mosquito! In the October 27, 2006, in "Backyard action plans for invasive plants," Carlisle arborist John Bakewell describes his "Buckthorn Deathstick," a tool for applying herbicide directly onto those wretched invasives. ...more

Resolutions. New initiatives. Fresh starts. It's easy to view New Year's Day as a starting point for new undertakings. And Labor Day is another obvious benchmark; long after our years in school are done, I don't think any of us ever completely sheds the sense that back-to-school time signifies the beginning of an epoch. ...more

After four days of rain, with a light drizzle and more rain probably on the way, it required courage, good boots, and a touch of insanity to wake up at 5:30 on Sunday morning, May 20, for the 36th annual Spring Bird Walk on the Towle Conservation Land. Nevertheless, nine bleary-eyed birders, led by Ken Harte, did just that and were rewarded with the best ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School had an amazing week in sports with only one loss. The boys lacrosse team had a tight game on May 15 in 80-degree weather. They came back from behind late in the game with a 6-5 win over Wayland. They also won against Weston, 8-5, on May 17. ...more

Those lucky enough to have attended the free Instrumental Music School of Carlisle and Concord (IMSCC) Student-Faculty Recital on May 10 in Corey Auditorium were treated to an extraordinary display of musical talent by music school faculty as well as outstanding student musicians who were nominated by their IMSCC teachers. Fourteen students from grade one ...more

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