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Friday, May 25, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, May 15

The Board of Selectmen played to a nearly empty house on May 15, with only a handful of citizens attending to comment or report on issues, despite promised discussion on the controversial Town Honor Roll project.

· Veterans Honor Roll. Selectman Doug Stevenson commented that the treatment of the Town Honor Roll at Town Meeting "was rather awkward, the way that discussion and vote played out." and called upon Jean Morin of Maple Street to open discussion on the subject. Morin remarked that she was "hoping to jump-start the project. I hope this project can move forward and take shape because the current condition of our Honor Roll is not respectful of our veterans."

Selectman Hult thanked Morin and commented, "We agree. We want to replace it in the best way possible as soon as possible." Stevenson added that, "we are struggling to track down the names of people who have served in our more current conflicts [the Gulf War and Iraq] and we need help."

Selectman Alan Carpenito suggested setting up a committee to decide how to proceed, create a dialogue and look at alternative plans and the best location. After some discussion, the Selectmen decided to create an ad hoc committee for this purpose, consisting of one representative each from the Selectmen, the Town Common Committee and the Historical Commission and two members-at-large from the community.

· Town Election recap. Selectmen agreed with Town Clerk Charlene Hinton's proposal to move the Town Caucus back one or two weeks in order to give potential candidates more time to use the petition process to get on the ballot.

· Primary for Congressional Election. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie announced, "The state primary election, the public's first chance to vote for a successor to Congressman Marty Meehan's seat in the House of Representatives, is scheduled for the day after Labor Day, on September 4."

· COA survey. Bert Williams reported to the Selectmen on the Council on Aging (COA) survey, which was awarded $25,000 in funding from the town at the election. Williams said that the survey's mission is to determine the needs of Carlisle's senior citizens now and in the future. The group will begin the process by surveying ten other towns that are comparable to Carlisle to gather data on their senior services in order to formulate the survey. Concurrently, the search for a needs assessment advisor would begin, and eventually an action plan would result from these efforts. Williams predicted that gathering the data from other towns would be complete by September or October, and he will report to the Selectmen periodically with developments in the process.

· Officers. The Board then elected the following officers for the next year: Chair, Tim Hult; Vice Chair, Bill Tice; and Clerk, John Williams.

· Assessment for CCHS. Carlisle's percentage (28%) of the Concord-Carlisle High School assessment for FY08 will be $4,928,879.

· DPW Chapter 90 projects. Selectmen approved funding for two projects which will be reimbursed under the state's Mass. Highway Chapter 90: $83,408 for a dump truck in addition to the one recently approved at town elections, and $201,525 for road repairs and resurfacing Skelton Road and Prospect Street and portions of River Road, Rutland Street and North Road.

· Caroline E. Hill Fund grant. Selectmen approved a request for assistance for a deserving young person in town to receive $1,490 in tuition funding for summer camp through the Caroline E. Hill Fund. The balance in the Fund is approximately $236,700.

· Town Common events. A request was made by the Bike and Pedestrian Pathways Committee for the use of the Town Common on June 19 from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. for a Pathways Kickoff to be funded entirely through donations and run by volunteers.

The Carlisle Garden Club asked permission to host a community fundraiser and festival, "Pumpkins on the Common," this coming October. Carol Nathan of the Garden Club was present to describe the project.

The Selectmen approved both requests.

· Milestones. It was announced that Town Accountant Priscilla Dumka has qualified with the Massachusetts Municipal Auditors' and Accoutants' Association as a Certified Governmental Accountant.

· 48 Bingham Road. A complaint signed by 13 neighbors about the appearance and condition of the property was referred to Bylaw Enforcement Officer Bob Koning.

· Public safety program for children. Carlisle has been invited to participate in the Massachusetts Youth Public Safety Academy, a summer camp session for young people ages nine to 11 which helps children learn techniques to deal with bullying and stranger safety; teaches trust exercises, offers fire obstacle and safety courses, canine demonstrations, and a smoke house to teach fire escape techniques. The Selectmen voted to accept the invitation and offer this free program to Carlisle students. It will be held at the Middlesex Sherriff's Office Training Academy in Billerica.The program for children from Carlisle, Bedford, Tyngsborough and Westford is scheduled for August 20 - 24. For more information or an application, contact Captain Robert McCarthy at the Middlesex Sheriff's Office (1-978-663-6092.)

· Regional planning. The Planning Board recommends participating in a transit services study for Carlisle sponsored by our regional transit organization. The Selectmen voted to authorize a letter agreeing to participate in such a study.

· Wireless update. Selectman Bill Tice will continue to represent the Selectmen on the Wireless Committee. The Planning Board has voted to spend up to $4,500 for assistance in drafting the Request for Proposal to use town-owned land for personal wireless communications facilities, as authorized by Town Meeting.

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