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Friday, May 25, 2007


Carlisle School cuts staff

For the coming academic year the Carlisle School staff is being trimmed by one teacher from each of grades 2, 5, 6, and 7, one special educator, and two aides "at this point," Superintendent Marie Doyle announced at the May 16 School Committee meeting. Kindergarten teacher Sandy Walker is retiring, and one teacher whose position has been eliminated may be transferred to kindergarten. The six other affected staff members will not be returning in the fall. Their names will not be released, for reasons of confidentiality, said Doyle.

Prior to Town Meeting school officials had mentioned that the faculty would be reduced even if voters passed the budget override. At the April 4 School Committee meeting Doyle had warned of the cuts of four grade-level teachers as well as "special education reductions."

Long-term budgeting

"We should start looking at our budget in a three-year time frame," said School Committee Chair Nicole Burkel. School Committee member Michael Fitzgerald agreed. He also wondered how the school should approach anticipated continued growth in its budget in future years, saying, "I was looking at the election, and it was closer than we expected. We should learn from this."

Burkel felt that grants that temporarily support new staff can potentially cause difficulties later when the grants end and those salaries become part of the regular school budget. She said, "That's a huge expense for us." She suggested the topic be moved to the summer retreat meeting.

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