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Friday, May 25, 2007


"Buckthorn Deathstick" on the Web

You read it first in the Mosquito! In the October 27, 2006, in "Backyard action plans for invasive plants," Carlisle arborist John Bakewell describes his "Buckthorn Deathstick," a tool for applying herbicide directly onto those wretched invasives.

Now the Nature Conservancy has added Bakewell's tool to its web site :

The site reports, "Frustrated by this lack of available equipment, John Bakewell, an arborist in Massachusetts, decided to create his own herbicide applicator. Thus, he developed what we call the 'Woody Painter,' but what he calls the 'Deathstick!'"

What better Memorial Day weekend activity could there be than creating your own Deathstick and charging into battle with your invasives?

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