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Friday, May 18, 2007


New school store to help students hone math skills

An in-school store, run by a blend of special education and other students in the Carlisle middle school, is planned to open next fall. In a recent interview, Director of Student Services Karen Slack explained that the store will be incorporated as part of the math curriculum for some students, and will offer a "practical application for math, writing and social interaction." It is expected that a relatively small number of students will participate in the project, and the amount of time involved will vary from student to student. At a recent Carlisle School Parent Advisory Committee (CPAC) meeting Slack discussed the store idea with parents. She said the store would satisfy a need for practical, everyday math, as well as growth in communication skills.

The store format will be based on the Concord-Carlisle High School store. Students who are part of the Pathways special education program at the high school use the store as a way to practice their everyday math, she said.

Students may help plan the store and decide what school supplies would be sold. The development of the store was driven by student needs for additional or alternative math instruction. As some students move into the middle school, she explained, a store may be the best way to receive math instruction. This will provide specialized instruction outside the classroom in a meaningful, functional way, while incorporating socialization and communication skills, she added. "The school store would not be in place of math classes for students," Slack explained. "With a mix of students it would be a art of community service. She said the planning is in the early stages, and it is "a work in progress."

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