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Friday, May 18, 2007


Great Kapok Tree blooms in Carlisle

On Wednesday, May 9, the Carlisle kindergarten performed The Great Kapok Tree in the Corey Auditorium. The play, adapted from the story The Great Kapok Tree by Lynn Cherry, is about a man who goes into the rain forest to cut down a kapok tree, but instead falls asleep. While he is asleep, the animals that depend upon the tree to live tell him why he should not cut it down.
Ocelots and boa constrictors gather to save the great kapok tree. (Photo by Pam Ely)

This play was the culmination of an entire year spent studying the rain forest. Kindergartners have worked hard in Angela Monke's music class learning songs about the rain forest. Art teacher Rachel Levy helped them produce beautiful rain forest artwork and, in world languages with Señora Seddon, the children learned the song "Chocolate" in Spanish. Kindergarten teachers Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Comeau and Mrs. Tutein are to be commended on an outstanding performance by their kindergartners. A lot of hard work went into this production which was presented to an auditorium filled with friends and family.

Special thanks to Steve Melanson for his guest appearance, playing the part of the man; Casey Smith, who generously provided all of the T-shirts used in the wonderfully creative costumes; and to the costume committees for all their support.

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