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Friday, May 11, 2007


The current profusion of flowers blooming in town gardens heralds the opening of a two-month show at the Gleason Library. The exhibit features the work of seven artists from the Carlisle Garden Club. Don't expect pictures of mundane flower pots or azalea bushes, however. The artists' choice of subjects, and style are as diverse as their media, which include ...more

Have you ever noticed that whenever you enter or exit Carlisle, you are greeted with a special hello or good-by? That's the town line speaking. The road surface at the town line seems to change in composition or height, or maybe just that sealer at the connecting point with the adjoining town, ...more

It's ironic that I've been asked to write about my mother for Mother's Day. She hated Mother's Day. ...more

open 4 p.m.

We were pleasantly surprised when we tried Gibbet Hill Grill on a Thursday night. We had tried it when it first opened, and things did not go so well, so with a little coaxing we went again. This time it was excellent. ...more

Name The spring azure butterfly is in the genus Celastrina and is probably C. ladon. The expert entomologists have been reassessing the genus which is often referred to as the Celastrina ladon species complex. My interest in trying to get to the exact species is that without it we can't understand the true diversity of our ...more

Editor's note: According to the web site, the "Be the Change" Movement consists of "like-minded individuals linked by a common desire to make a positive change in the world around them." Our CCHS correspondent describes her experience in the program. ...more

In assessing the audience at the Union Hall Coffee House on the evening of April 28, Jim Muller (songwriter, guitar and vocals) of the bluegrass group Southern Rail said, "We didn't realize that this many people lived in Carlisle." Predictably, the smallest member of the quartet, Sharon Horovitch, played the bass fiddle while the largest, Bob Sacks, ...more

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