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Friday, May 11, 2007


Carlisle School to receive $29,406 in Title I funds to aid math clubs

Carlisle students participating in the morning and afternoon Math Clubs are seeing their abilities grow, said Carlisle School Math Specialist Liz Perry in an e-mail. "There are 75 students participating in Math Clubs this year," she explained. "Students in Math Clubs are given pre- and post-tests to document improvement. In general, about 95% of the students show improvement from pre-test to post-test." The program is scheduled to continue in the 2007-2008 school year.

Title I grant

In 2004 Perry position's was supported by a grant from the Carlisle School Association, as well as by a federal and state program called Title I, which provides federal dollars to meet educational needs under the No Child Left Behind act. "The original Title I grant was written to meet needs in grades 3-4. This was written in 2003," Perry explained. In 2005 a portion of her salary was absorbed into the budget. Since then, the Title I grant has supported her work in the math clubs. The grant is to be used to assist students who are "identified as failing, or most at-risk of failing to meet the state's challenging student academic achievement standards."

According to Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman, next year's preliminary Title I grant award is $29,406, around $4,000 above the amount she anticipated. "However, this is not final," she cautions. The state can change the amount and she does not depend on it until the grant is received in the fall. She has included $25,000 in next year's budget in case the grant is denied.


"Students are identified by teachers in the beginning of the year" based mostly on early assessments, explained Perry. "The MCAS is also used in grades 4-5 and all students falling in the Needs Improvement or Warning categories are offered the opportunity to participate." All together, the teachers identified 90 students who were eligible, but the participation is voluntary. The clubs meet before school for grades 2 — 4 and after school for grades 6 and 7.

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