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Friday, May 11, 2007


Union Hall Coffee House bluegrass, April 28

In assessing the audience at the Union Hall Coffee House on the evening of April 28, Jim Muller (songwriter, guitar and vocals) of the bluegrass group Southern Rail said, "We didn't realize that this many people lived in Carlisle." Predictably, the smallest member of the quartet, Sharon Horovitch, played the bass fiddle while the largest, Bob Sacks, played the mandolin. Humor was interspersed with the gospel and bluegrass. Sharon offered advice to Rich Stillman on how he could achieve perfect pitch with his banjo, "Just toss it in the dumpster without hitting the rim."

The Coffee House may look like a family affair with Dian Cuccinello presiding but volunteers make it a community happening. When Judy Munroe, seated at the Café table, was asked if this meant she was looking for a career change, she replied, "Oh no! I just walked up and asked if they could use some help. Dian seated me at the cash register and here I am." Dian's husband Bill has billing as "Band-Aid Coordinator" and frequent Dian cohorts Alison and Mike Saylor are involved with booking and finance. All work the kitchen.

Just before intermission, Sharon Horovitch set her sights on the dessert offerings at the Café and gave her insight that chocolate deserves to be given a spot in the Food Pyramid as a vegetable, "It does come from a bean."

The second set included an awesome instrumental piece called, "On the Road to Appomattox." Its intensity silenced even the more talkative tables. The bluegrass group was brought back by an appreciative audience for two encores. The web site lists their performance schedule with their next local appearance on July 4 at a free concert in Concord at "Picnic in the Park" at Emerson Field.

On May 12, the Union Hall Coffee House will feature four groups performing to benefit The Open Food Pantry. See the web site for details.

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