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Friday, May 11, 2007



Have you ever noticed that whenever you enter or exit Carlisle, you are greeted with a special hello or good-by? That's the town line speaking. The road surface at the town line seems to change in composition or height, or maybe just that sealer at the connecting point with the adjoining town,

Thump Thump, welcome to Carlisle. Thump Thump goodbye, come back soon.

This is just one of the little things that makes our little town unique. Day or night, you always know when you are almost home.

Of course there are other ways to realize that you are entering our fair town. The houses are suddenly spaced much farther apart. There are far fewer street lights than in surrounding areas so at night it is much darker. And there are no fire plugs, but the canine population need not fear, because there are all the trees. Even when I am a sleepy passenger, and "just resting my eyes," I always know when I'm home.

Carlisle does have lots of lines; single yellow lines, double yellow lines, white fog lines on the sides of some of the roads, we have telephone lines, electric lines, cable lines, and I even have clothes lines.

People stand in line, cut the line and toe the line. We have hair lines, age lines, laugh lines, frown lines and scar lines. You can line up, form a line alphabetically, by height, age, by grade, or even by shoe size. There are movie or ticket lines, headlines, food lines, flood lines, snow lines, tree lines and lines of traffic, but my favorite line of all is the one that speaks to me as I cross it, Thump Thump, the town line.

I can think of 14 ways for a person to leave Carlisle. That means 11 town lines, and 11 Thump Thumps, hello, goodbye, welcome to Carlisle, or come back soon lines.

Sounds simple, but it's one of the things that make us rather unique, and I just love it. Thump! Thump!

2007 The Carlisle Mosquito