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Friday, May 4, 2007


With scant discussion of the 17 Warrant Articles, citizens approved a $21 million dollar town operating budget (Article 4), a $245,682 budget override (Article 6), and all other spending requests except the $22,000 proposal to restore the Veteran's Honor Roll (Motion 5 under Article 17), when Carlisle's Annual Town Meeting was held on Tuesday, April 30, in ...more

After 18 months of reviewing plans, hearing testimony and debating the scope of the proposed project, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) deliberated for 12 hours and subsequently granted the applicant, Coventry Woods, LLC a special permit to build the Coventry Woods 40B subdivision on the 22.6 acre parcel off Concord Street. This 40B project, however, is far ...more

The last Article at Town Meeting on April 30 sparked the most discussion, as voters rejected one (Veterans Honor Roll) and approved four proposals to spend monies collected under the Community Preservation Act (CPA). A proposal, motion 6, to assess the condition of the statue in the rotary was not moved. To date the source of Carlisle's CPA funds has come ...more

Seldom is there a Carlisle election with four candidates running for two open positions, as is the case this year with the Carlisle School Committee race. On April 29 the Mosquito asked the candidates a set of additional questions to help voters understand how the four might differ in approaching the work of the School Committee. (See also the candidates' ...more

· Affordable Accessory Apartments stalled. Elizabeth Barnett, Carlisle's Administrative Coordinator, presented an update on why the state has not approved the town's Affordable Accessory Apartments bylaw, approval Carlisle has pursued for many months. A sticking point is that the state prefers permanent deed restrictions on apartments, and homeowners ...more

The Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) has added a fourth document to its promised evaluations of each of Carlisle's town-owned conservation lands. A "Baseline Assessment for the Davis Corridor" was presented at the April 25 meeting of LSC's parent organization, the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom), joining recently completed profiles of ...more

With spring downpours hopefully behind them, Coventry Woods engineers returned to the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) on April 26 for permission to proceed with the drilling of five test wells on the Concord Street property. This phase of the proposed 48-unit, 40B project was happening downstairs in the Clark Room at the Town Hall, while the engineers' employers ...more

Money for the Carlisle School budget comes from many sources as the school takes advantage of local and national grants. Around $300,000 in grants was awarded to the school in FY07, according to recent Carlisle School budget information mailed to residents. The community has been generous, with donations of over $90,000 through the Carlisle Education Foundation ...more

· Cross Street, Lot 7 septic design. The board agreed that septic plans which utilize alternative technologies must be reviewed at a board meeting before the BOH Agent can sign off on them. The disposal plan for Lot 7, which includes a newly tested area within the property, was approved subject to Conservation Commission review of work within ...more

Assessor John Speidel announced at the Finance Team meeting on April 24 that the state Appellate Tax Board has ruled against Carlisle in the case of roll-back taxes charged by the town when 55 acres of West Street land was removed from the state's Chapter 61 forestry program in 2002. Normally, land classified under Chapter 61 is taxed at a reduced rate, but ...more

When is a pocket knife a potentially dangerous weapon, and when is it a normal badge of childhood? In an e-mail sent to parents regarding an alleged knife brought to a recent Friday Night Live [FNL] dance for middle school youth, Carlisle Superintendent Marie Doyle wrote, "What we do know is that a few students have carried pocketknives at school and ...more

· "A motion for reconsideration of an Article must be made by someone who was on the winning side of the original vote. If you make a motion for reconsideration, I will ask you whether you were on the losing side. And I know you wouldn't lie to me." ...more

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