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Friday, May 4, 2007


Heard at the 2007 Town Meeting

· "A motion for reconsideration of an Article must be made by someone who was on the winning side of the original vote. If you make a motion for reconsideration, I will ask you whether you were on the losing side. And I know you wouldn't lie to me."

· "If we were to do both of these school projects [the Carlisle Public School and Concord-Carlisle High School] the impact on the average Carlisle taxpayer in 2010 would be about $3,000."

· "The microphone is your friend. You may have heard some noise up here. It's called the Bat Phone. It rings when they can't hear us in the cafeteria." [Approximately 30 parents with children were listening to Town Meeting in the cafeteria.]

· "This year in the kindergarten, parents pay $800 per child [for a full school day]. We thank Mr. Stevenson, who had triplets in the kindergarten."

· "The floors, tables and chairs at the high school are original to the building. Mr. Stevenson and I were talking about how we had eaten lunch at those tables, many, many years ago."

· "Carlisle's population consists of 980 seniors, those over age 60, which is 17% of the population. Heading down the track, speeding towards Carlisle is the Baby-Boom Express and there is no train station in which to greet them, only three part-time staff...."

· "This is probably the smallest appropriation request I've seen tonight, which is probably why the discussion is so adamant."

"None that I'll allow."

Assistant Moderator Ralph Anderson

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