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Friday, May 4, 2007


Shorts from the Board of Health meeting of April 24

· Cross Street, Lot 7 septic design. The board agreed that septic plans which utilize alternative technologies must be reviewed at a board meeting before the BOH Agent can sign off on them. The disposal plan for Lot 7, which includes a newly tested area within the property, was approved subject to Conservation Commission review of work within the 100 foot buffer zone.

· Cross Street, Lot 10 septic design. This lot contains a certified vernal pool located 87 feet from the proposed location of the septic tank. Noting that the vernal pool is not located within a resource area as defined by the state Wetlands Protection Act, that the tank location is the same as in the original plans and that there is no further disturbance, the disposal plan for Lot 10 was approved subject to ConsCom review of: work within the buffer zone, adjacency to a vernal pool and recording of a pedestrian easement to be located over the septic tank and leach field.

· 75 West Street Lots 2A, 3A septic design. The septic design for new construction at 75 West Street would place a newly constructed home on one lot with an existing septic system and a new septic system on the other lot with the existing house. The board determined that use of the old septic system with a new house constitutes a change in use and therefore requires the applicant to demonstrate that the existing septic system satisfies all Title 5 requirements for new construction. In addition, lot lines have not been clearly established. Approval of the plan for Lot 2A was denied by the board based on the lack of established lot lines. Approval of the plan for Lot 3A was denied since the applicant has not demonstrated that the existing system conforms to Title 5 regulations.

· Healthy Communities mini-grant. Kathy Mull, representing the Council on Aging, spoke to the board about the need for a community nurse or social worker to help with outreach work. She stated that this worker would help Carlisle families as well Carlisle seniors. In particular she noted that a nurse or social worker could follow up on residents who are sent home from nursing homes, help with applications for fuel assistance and other outside programs and help with BOH issues such as sanitary conditions within households. Mull would like to apply for an incentive grant from the NorthWest Suburban Health Alliance. She will also approach the Concord Carlisle Community Chest for possible in-kind funding. The board agreed to send BOH Agent Linda Fantasia to an informational meeting.

· Coventry Woods. Planning Board Chair David Freedman e-mailed the BOH inquiring whether or not the BOH has any jurisdiction or regulations which would require an applicant to ensure the safety of abutters' wells. The BOH stated that they have no such power. Abutters must sue the developer of the property if property damage has occurred.

· IT support for BOH. Health Agent Linda Fantasia stated that the board needs assistance with information technology questions. State workers have been compiling data about local well locations, geology and groundwater information, and all of this information can be provided to Carlisle if the local IT problems can be solved. The board agreed to inform the Board of Selectman.

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