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Friday, May 4, 2007


Many grants help fund the Carlisle School

Money for the Carlisle School budget comes from many sources as the school takes advantage of local and national grants. Around $300,000 in grants was awarded to the school in FY07, according to recent Carlisle School budget information mailed to residents. The community has been generous, with donations of over $90,000 through the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) and the Carlisle School Association (CSA).

Math grant

Each year the school has received approximately $25,000 in Federal Title I money, which has offset the Math Specialist's salary. The school received $10,567 in Title IIA funds, which, according to the Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE), is "to increase student achievement through comprehensive district initiatives that focus on the preparation, training, recruitment, and retention of highly qualified educators." The school uses the money to support the mentoring program or new teachers.

Special Education grants

Carlisle received four Special Education grants: Federal Grant 240, 256, 262, and 274. Grant 240, $148,536, provides funds to "ensure that eligible students with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education that includes special education and related services designed to meet their individual needs," according to the DOE. The grant partially pays for eight special education aides, according to the budget mailer. Grant 274, $7,400, funds professional development for the special education staff. Grant 256 assists school districts in preparing for a state Special Education Program Review which determines whether the school is in "compliance with state and federal special education requirements," says the DOE. Grant 262 pays for a small portion of an early childhood aide.

Out of district tuition costs

Each year the cost of out-of-district tuitions and special education transportation must be built into the next year's budget. Tuition costs occur when students with special needs cannot be serviced in the Carlisle School, Director of Student Services Karen Slack explained at the recent public budget meeting. The costs for the schools, which can be public or private, are hard to control, she added. The state reimburses school districts for around 75% of the out of district tuition costs through the "Circuit Breaker" program, explained Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman. The projected out-of-district costs for next year are $327,766, with Circuit Breaker funds reimbursing around $200,279. The funds are based on two years' prior out-of-district costs. The school holds one year's reimbursement to fund the next year's costs.

Grant supports school safety

Carlisle School received $2,355 in Title IV grants funds, which are awarded to support "schools and community programs that prevent violence around schools; prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs; involve parents; and coordinate with related federal, state, and community efforts and resources," according to the DOE.

Two small grants

The school received $470 toward "enhancing education technology" through the Title IID grant program. "This federal grant program is intended to help districts improve student achievement through the use of technology in their schools," the DOE explains. At the recent public budget meeting, Superintendent Marie Doyle explained a goal for the next school year was to "Work with the technology committee to improve and expand technology."

The school received $487 from Title V, the "Innovative Program." DOE states, "These grants fund a wide range of activities that support education reform efforts; innovation based on scientific research; the purchase of instructional, library, and media materials; and the implementation of programs to improve school, student, and teacher performance."

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