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Friday, April 27, 2007


The Bloods were one of the first families to settle in Carlisle in the 17th century. Jonathan Blood, Sr. was granted 500+ acres, which was the usual grant at that time. He lived and ran a sawmill on what is now Kimball Farm, the former Bates Farm. The house, sawmill and some property not given to his sons — David and Jonathan, Jr. — was sold to ...more

At some point during the past two years, I had to acknowledge that I was crossing a line. What I was doing fell somewhere between stalking and haunting. But certain magnetic forces are irresistible. And that's a shorthand way of explaining how I became the Ghost of Judy Farm Road. ...more

Today is Arbor Day, a traditional day for planting trees. Since many of us in Carlisle already have plenty of trees, this article will be on preserving those trees that we have — in the face of global warming. ...more

This is the time of year for intense activity in our ponds, streams and vernal pools. The peeping of the peepers has replaced the beeping of the fuel trucks backing up our driveways. The quacking of the wood frogs is telling us where the vernal pools are and telling the other frogs where the party is. The water striders, also known as pond skaters, are darting ...more

Like its insect namesake, the Carlisle Mosquito has been a traveler and remains in circulation all over town. In 1999, when the paper was 27 years old, its offices moved to the bottom of Grant Wilson's old house at 872 Westford Street. This was considered a step up from Mary Diment's converted one-car garage, the paper's first real office, where it had been ...more

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