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Friday, April 27, 2007


Summary of Warrant Articles

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Selectmen FinCom

Article Article Summary Vote Vote

1 Town Reports Presentations by Long-Term Financial Planning Group and Carlisle School Building Committee Recommends No action

are planned. This Article also accepts the 2006 Town Report.

2 FY07 Budget Transfers A housekeeping Article which allows a Free Cash transfer to the Reserve Fund to balance the Recommends Delayed

current year's budget. Requests will be determined just before Town Meeting. Currently it

appears the requests will include $75,000 for the Carlisle School due to a shortfall in special

education, $120,000 for legal fees due to Coventry Woods, and $15,000 to $20,000 for fire

and communications.

3 Salaries of Elected Officials This Article approves the FY08 salaries of the Town Moderator ($50), members of the Board Recommends Recommends

of Assessors ($100 each) and the Town Clerk ($49,812, a 3.5% increase over FY07.)

4 Operating Budget This Article appropriates $21,140,875 for the operation and debt service of the town in FY08 Recommends Recommends

which is at the levy limit as defined by Proposition 2-1/2, a state law which limits property tax

increases to 2.5% without an override. Details are listed in tables on pages 4-13 of the Warrant

book. Article 4 offers the balanced budget.

This Article must pass in order for town government to be funded.

5 Stabilization Account Transfer $14,948 will be transferred from the Stabilization Fund to repay a portion of principal and Recommends Recommends

interest on debt service for the Robbins-Hutchins Fields (formerly Wang-Coombs Land)

purchased by the town.This is a routine Article that has been voted for several years.

Requires a two-thirds majority vote.

6 Increased Budget Funding This Article authorizes an additional amount of $245,682 for FY08 over the levy limit budget Recommends Split vote

defined in Article 4. This override of Proposition 2-1/2, if approved at Town Meeting and Town

Election (on May 8, Question 1), would be applied to salaries for police, fire and communications

departments, the Council on Aging, and the Carlisle School, and would provide summer Saturday

hours at the Gleason Library.

7 Capital Equipment Funds are requested for capital equipment and improvements for town departments and the Recommends Recommends

Carlisle Public School (page 14 in Warrant book) totaling $229,687. This is included in

the balanced budget.

8 Capital Equipment A transfer of $139,500 from Free Cash is requested for a communications console and Town Hall Recommends Recommends

Software Package.

9 DPW Dump Truck Authorizes the raising of additional taxes of $52,000 for the purchase of a DPW dump truck. Recommends Recommends

This capital purchase is excluded from the Proposition 2-1/2 levy limit, and must also be approved

at Town Election (Question 2.) Requires a two-thirds majority vote.

10 Carlisle School Authorizes raising additional taxes of up to $100,000 for a telephone system and classroom Recommends Recommends

locks for the Carlisle Public School. This is a capital exclusion, and must also be approved at

Town Election (Question 3.) Requires a two-thirds majority vote.

11 CCHS Improvements Authorizes CCHS to borrow $1,245,000 for repairs and renovations.Carlisle's portion is Delayed Recommends

Debt Exclusion roughly $350,000 and requires approval of Ballot Question 4 at Town Election. Requires

a two-thirds majority vote.

12 Free Cash Transfer This Article authorizes the transfer of $422,088 from Free Cash to help fund the FY08 budget Recommends Delayed

and Carlisle's share of the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School

13 Department Revolving Funds Town boards receive a variety of fees which are deposited in special revolving accounts, which must Recommends Recommends

be authorized annually. The sources, uses and spending limits of the funds are on page 17 of the

Warrant book.

14 Chapter 90 This Article enables the town to spend $200,257 for the improvement of Carlisle roads in Recommends Recommends

anticipation of reimbursement by the state. Requires a two-thirds majority vote.

15 Senior Tax Exemption Allows the town to grant a tax exemption to qualifying senior citizens. Reauthorization Recommends Recommends

is needed each year for this tax exemption that protects qualifying citizens from up to 100%

of real estate tax increases.

16 Lease of Land Authorizes the Selectmen to lease or otherwise dispose of all or portions of ten town-owned Recommends Recommends

properties and the town right-of-way for the installation of wireless communication facilities.

See page 18 of the Warrant book for the list of properties.

17 CPA Authorization This article will include seven motions:

Motion 1 Will transfer sums from FY08 CPA estimated revenues to accounts for: historic preservation Recommends Delayed

($65,395), open space ($0), and community housing ($65,395). CPA funds will also be allocated

to pay for Benfield Land principal ($136,000), debt service interest ($43,890) as well as

administrative expenses ($15,000), and $328,270 will be appropriated for the FY08

Community Preservation Budgeted Reserve.

Motion 2 Appropriates $11,715 from the CPA Undesignated Fund to replace or provide new signs on Recommends Delayed

town-owned conservation lands. Unexpended funds after five years will revert to the CPA fund.

Motion 3 Appropriates $25,000 from the CPA Undesignated Fund to remove the cottage on the Recommends Delayed

Greenough Conservation Land.

Motion 4 Appropriates $25,000 from the CPA Undesignated Fund for the assessment of recreational Recommends Delayed

and other needs of the town's over-50 population. Any funds unexpended after two years

will revert to the CPA fund.

Motion 5 Appropriates $22,000 from the CPA Historic Fund for the restoration of the Veterans' Delayed Delayed

Memorial Honor Roll at the Town Common.

Motion 6 Appropriates $2,000 from the CPA Historic Fund to assess refurbishment of the statue Recommends Delayed

in the rotary.

Motion 7 Appropriates $300,000 from the CPA Undesignated Fund for completion of the Recommends Delayed

Pedestrian and Bike Safety Advisory Committee's Footpath Plan.

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