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Friday, April 27, 2007


Carlisle School responds to black-out

Carlisle School lost power for approximately two hours on the morning of April 24. Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds David Flannery said around mid-morning the school noticed a reduction in power. "We experienced a low power situation just before 10 a.m. and we shut our main switch off to prevent damage to equipment." He contacted NStar, which was not aware of the outage. He said an NStar repair crew arrived in about half an hour. The crew found a problem on a pole in the center of Carlisle. "They made a repair and the power came back around 11 a.m.," Flannery said.

As soon as the power outage was discovered, preparations for an electricity-free school day were begun. A small generator was used to warm the convection oven and a warming cabinet in the school cafeteria. The administration began preparations to move portable toilets up from the Spalding playing fields, when the power returned.

After the water came on, the school had to wait as the water tanks slowly refilled. "There is a very large demand when the power comes back on, the storage capacity was low and the well does not refill the tanks that quickly." All was back to normal by noon, Flannery said.

One class did not even notice the lack of electricity — the sixth grade class was headed north on buses to the Sargent Center in New Hampshire to begin its four-day Outdoor Education Program.

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