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Friday, April 27, 2007


Town Meeting Article 10: Carlisle School seeks $100,000 for capital projects

The Carlisle School has requested $100,000 in funding for two capital projects under Article 10 of the Town Warrant. The largest request, $75,000, is to replace the ten-year-old telephone system. It is obsolete, Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman explained at the recent public budget meetings, and the school is not able to obtain a support contract. "We spent $5,000 last year just trying to keep our phone system alive," she added. The phone system also controls the school's master clocks, Zimmerman explained. She said voice mail has been out of service for five months at a time.

The second capital-funding request is for $25,000 to replace classroom locks. Last fall the school received high scores during a security lockdown drill. One exception, however, was the way some classroom doors are locked. Teachers are required to lock the doors for safety, but the doors cannot be locked from inside the classroom. Instead, Zimmerman explained, "They [the teachers] had to get their key, go out into the hallway, and lock the door and go back in. This is not helpful in an emergency."

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