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Friday, April 20, 2007


Shorts from the Selectmen, April 10

· State Aid update. A measure passed by the state legislature to provide reasonable estimates for local government receipts indicates Carlisle will receive $779,767 in Chapter 70 aid to education, an increase of $46,979 over what was projected in the Governor's budget. In addition, Carlisle will receive $200,257 in Chapter 90 transportation aid funds for FY08.

· Old Home Day. The Selectmen approved allowing the use of town properties for Old Home Day to be held June 30 and July 1. There will be no fireworks, but a tethered balloon and ice cream social will be among the entertainments.

· Police Station as movie set. Desert Island films will be filming a scene for a horror film at the Police Station contingent upon working out the details with Chief Sullivan. Marc Berlin of Bingham Road is the director.

· Ethics checks out. Sylvia Sillers wrote a letter to the Selectmen noting approval from the state Ethics Commission for her involvement in plans to renovate the Honor Roll and make other changes to the Common as a member of the Town Common Committee. She is chair of the Historical Commission and that commission's representative to the Community Preservation Committee, as well as a town center resident. Attorney Popov of the Ethics Commission "thought it would be more than a stretch of the imagination to suggest that I would have anything to gain financially from renovation to the Honor Rolls or anything of that nature on the Town Common."

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