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Friday, April 20, 2007


Adult Community Education seeks funding from RSC

The Concord-Carlisle Adult Community Education (CCACE) program sought renewed financial support from the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) at the April 10 RSC meeting, but did not meet with an enthusiastic response. Due to ongoing tight budgets, the RSC has found it difficult to fund CCACE in recent years. The program remains attached to the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District (CCRSD) FY08 budget as a four dollar line item, and the Director of the Community Education Program, Courtland Booth, reports to the Regional School District Assistant Superintendent, Dianna Rigby.

According to the CCACE 2006 Annual Report (available on-line at, the FY06 program revenues, at $655,428, almost covered the expenses of $683,931. The $28,503 shortfall was covered by drawing down the CCACE's revolving account to a level of $88,525. Jim Saltonstall, chair of the advisory committee appointed by the RSC, told the Mosquito that he expects the revolving account will be drawn down by about $30,000 in FY07 and another $15,000 in FY08. Raising course fees is one way he expects the program will reduce its yearly deficit. The revolving account, he said, has been in existence for many years.

Revenues listed in the 2006 report were primarily program fees, but also included aid from the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest to help with scholarships, Concord Home for the Aged to help provide classes for senior citizens and additional donations from CCACE students.

The 2006 Annual Report listed: Expenses Source

$467,812 Teachers

$71,120 Administration

$80,990 Clerical/Supervisory

$14,665 Instructional supplies

$1,931 Office supplies

$17,014 Printing & postage

$11,093 Equipment

$6,193 Equip. maint. & tech

$1,621 Publications /memberships

$9,775 Bank transactions

$1,717 Miscellaneous

$683,931 Total FY06 CCACE

Over 4,000 take community ed

Saltonstall gave the RSC statistics on who attends community education classes and where they are from. There were 4,000 enrolled in courses last year. Of those, 1,000 participants, or 25%, were still in school. Of the 3,000 adult participants, half were Concord residents, 600 were from Carlisle and the remaining 1,400 were residents of other towns. The Annual Report states that in addition to those who signed up for classes 2,000 people attended free CCACE-sponsored events.

Saltonstall said efforts have been made to reduce costs, "Expenses have been cut to the bone." He advocated that Adult Community Education should remain as part of the high school.

RSC response is muted

RSC member Betsy Bilodeau asked the committee, "What's the real consensus about adult community education?" RSC member Michael Fitzgerald said the number of Carlisle kids at the high school is 28 to 30%. Fifteen percent make up the students in these classes. How can the RSC tell its constituency we are subsidizing all these other users?" No answers were given.

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