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Friday, April 13, 2007


Monday, April 16

6:45 Ringing of the Alarm. Church bells ring out the alarm. ...more

After interviewing this group, two things are very clear: committee members have a great time working together and all love the outdoors. Choosing to serve on the Trails Committee was the obvious choice for each of them. They feel a responsibility to give back to the town, to volunteer their time and energy. All enjoy doing the outside physical labor required ...more

The Carlisle School Arts Department presented an overview of their work to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on April 4. School Committee Chair Nicole Burkel remarked that it was "mind boggling" how much the teachers are able to accomplish and how they incorporate the arts into the school's curriculum. "You guys are always excited," ...more

· School calendar. The School Committee voted to set the last day of school as June 19. The calendar for 2007 — 2008 has been approved, with the start of school on September 4 and the last day (if no snow days) on June 17, 2008. A copy is available on the school web site,, under "General Information." ...more

"I would imagine a rally in Carlisle would look like many people trying to raise global awareness of a growing problem — global warming," Carlisle Public School eighth-grader Sofia Palmer writes. "I can imagine eighth graders speaking to the public about their interventions and how it will help to reduce carbon dioxide levels/emissions ...more

"Raising a Student-Athlete," the title of a standing-room only talk given by Dr. Adam H. Naylor on Thursday evening, March 29, at the Hunt Community Center in Concord may have misled the audience slightly. The hyphen implied that academics and athletics would have an equal balance in the talk. While Naylor, a teacher and sports psychologist at Boston ...more

Name.The American Hazelnut is also called the American Filbert and sometimes just hazel. Its scientific name is Corylus americana and it is a member of the birch family, Betulaceae. Hazel is the old English name for filbert. ...more

We had one glorious sunny dry weekend, but the days since then have been pretty dismal. Only extremely motivated gardeners can face 40-degree days and drizzle. Looking out at the gray landscape reveals emerging green stems at ground level and some early crocuses and snow drops. The birds are singing and I heard the first peepers. Spring is emerging! ...more

Carlisle is no stranger to climate change, in that seasons have long been mercurial — snow falls in April and the odd flower sometimes blooms in a mild December. How does one recognize the difference between normal variability in the weather, and climate trends caused by greenhouse gas emission from human industrial and agricultural activities? This ...more

We began searching for an orange tiger kitty and by the stroke of good luck along came Vickie from the Lowell Animal Shelter when she was just a few weeks old. The year was 1989. Vickie was dehydrated, very frail, and nearly died, but we nursed her back to health with loving care and affection. ...more

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