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Friday, April 13, 2007


Farewell to a good friend

We began searching for an orange tiger kitty and by the stroke of good luck along came Vickie from the Lowell Animal Shelter when she was just a few weeks old. The year was 1989. Vickie was dehydrated, very frail, and nearly died, but we nursed her back to health with loving care and affection.

She became very attached to my wife, Lisa, and would only allow me to hold her for short durations. Eventually, we became good friends as I learned to respect her wishes.

Whenever I came near her, she would roll over on her back, exposing her white underbelly and I would tickle her as she purred loudly. I would gently kiss her on her forehead and say goodbye as I headed to work.

She always had a slight raspy disposition if she was bothered by another cat or if you happened to touch her on one of her paws. We accepted this but noticed that she became sweeter and more receptive to patting in her latter years.

It became increasingly difficult for her to climb the stairs in recent weeks as she had trouble walking. We observed a steady decline in her health over the last few days. We did everything we could do to comfort her, carrying her up and down stairs each day. But then, she stopped eating and drinking and we knew that the end was near.

The other morning I came downstairs and went over to her as she lay in her bed. She could barely lift her head as I called her name. I gently stroked and kissed her forehead as I said goodbye to her. As I summoned Lisa, we both knew that the end of her life had come and decided that it was the best time to put her to sleep.

The veterinarian supplied a lovely white burial box and we buried little Vickie in the back yard in a shaded area next to a large oak tree. Inscribed on the box was: "VICKIE" 1989-2007.

After 18 years in our home, we will miss her. We loved her very much.

2007 The Carlisle Mosquito