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Friday, April 6, 2007


Shorts from the Selectmen, March 27

· Town Center Park. Sabrina Perry reported that the Center Park project to landscape the small park next to Ferns is within $8,000 of its fundraising goal of $70,000. The Selectmen approved contracts for Concord Landscape Construction to do backfill, grading, seeding, curbing, and driveway for $16,459, and P.J. Associates to do the planting, island, and fencing for $17,429. Several town businesses, including Carlisle Arborists and Seawright Nursery, are donating materials and services. Teak benches with arms have been added to the plan, which formerly contained armless granite benches, because "the COA has expressed an interest in such comfortable benches."

· Budget update. Selectman Tim Hult reported that a $56,000 abatement issued to Greystone Crossing exceeds the reserve fund for 2007 real estate tax abatements. A motion at Town Meeting to move unused balances from past years' accounts into this year's may be offered.

Hult also reported that FY07 excise billings are running higher than projected and FY08 local receipts are likely to be above what was planned when the budget was prepared. However, there may be added FY08 costs if extra elections are required to fill Marty Meehan's congressional seat.

· BAN signed. The Selectmen approved a $775,000 bond anticipation note (BAN) at 3.73% to finance a fire truck and school boiler approved at previous Town Meetings. Both items will come in under budget, with the truck, approved for $500,000, costing $450,000, and the boiler approved for $450,000 costing $293,000. A future Town Meeting will vote on adjusting the amounts.

· Climate event. The Selectmen granted permission for the Carlisle Climate Action Committee to use the Town Common on Saturday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a Step It Up 2007 fair in conjunction with the Carlisle eighth-grade EcoFair. Similar events have taken place in other towns with the goal of gaining community support for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

· National Guard and Reserve. The Selectmen voted to sign a Statement of Support for National Guard and Reserve Employees which guarantees non-discrimination in employment and job opportunities for National Guard and Reserve members, provides leaves of absence for these employees without eating into vacation time, and makes these policies known to employees.

· Appointments. Lawrence Sorli and Deborah Toher were nominated to share the position of Inspector of Animals.

· Suburban Coalition. No Carlisle Selectman was available to attend the Suburban Coalition Legislative breakfast with Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray on April 2 at the State House. Chairman Doug Stevenson noted the Selectmen "should be more involved in lobbying on issues unique to our area" and encouraged board members to "learn more about what [the Coalition] is doing and get involved."

· Next meetings. The Selectmen's meeting planned for May 8 was moved to May 15 due to Town Elections.

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