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Friday, April 6, 2007


Planning Board reviews Hanover Hill plan

Representatives for the Hanover Hill development off Westford Street (Route 225) discussed the Preliminary Subdivision Plan with the Planning Board on March 26. George Dimakarakos of the engineering firm Stamski and McNary and Rob West, representing Wilkins Hill Realty, LLC, supported by traffic consultant David Friend, of Transportation Planning Services, reviewed the request for slope waivers at the subdivision road entrances onto Westford Street.

The proposed development plans may include 30 single-family homes and 24 townhouses. The plan shows one subdivision road (Hanover Road) entering Westford Street at the Cross Street intersection and the other (Johnson Road) entering Westford Street near the house lot at 546 Westford Street. These locations would require waivers from the Planning Board for permitted grade at the road cuts onto Route 225.

According to the board's Rules and Regulations the maximum slope permitted is 5%. Friend specifically addressed the 6.2% slope at the proposed Hanover road location. He stated that the difference between 5% and 6.2% constitutes an increase in stopping distance of 11 feet. Board member Peter Stuart initiated a discussion of options in lieu of regrading sections of Westford Road — for example, removing trees, moving stonewalls, and cutting away shoulders within the town right-of-way in order to increase traffic sightlines by 11 or more feet. No decision was made if implementing such mitigations could lead to the granting of the slope waivers.

Rare species habitat

In response to comments made by former Conservation Commissioner Tom Brownrigg of Acton Street at the February 26 meeting, Dimakarakos provided a plan showing all of the proposed buffer areas between wetlands and the proposed development.

Brownrigg had referred to the state Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program, indicating that this area contains "core habitat" for certain wildlife species, and is one of only three core habitat areas in Carlisle. The spotted turtle and the blue spotted salamander are indigenous to the area. Brownrigg suggested that the developer be encouraged to create a buffer strip or corridor in upland areas to parallel the wetlands. He asked that the developer consider how some of the area might be protected in addition to existing Conservation Restrictions, particularly near the vernal pools.

Further discussion of this subdivision was not scheduled at this time.

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