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Friday, March 30, 2007

Preserve our special education system

To the Editor:

Carlisle has an unusually good educational system with both a regular and a special education collaborative model which is exceptional in its range of support specialists who work with classroom teachers and all students. This inclusive pattern is unlike other programs in most other schools.

If the service and quality of instruction by certified special educators with their whole array of support are no longer available to our students, Carlisle will no longer be in the forefront of education. Our school's losses will also be our children's.

Wendy Davis
East Street

Thanks for hospital murals

To the Editor:

Earlier this month, well-known artist Jane Dahmen visited Emerson Hospital with her daughter Emily, and painted two murals, one in the emergency department and one in the Olsen Urgent Care Center.We are just delighted with the murals, and we feel so fortunate and proud to have Jane and Emily's work here at Emerson Hospital.Each painting is so visually rich and entirely engaging, and both are even more wonderful than we envisioned.They give patients, family members and staff such pleasure, and they are already helping distract and captivate our pediatric patients from the hard things they may need to do here.There is also the added bonus of providing a marvelous focus for our adult patients as well.

It was truly amazing to witness the transformation of blank, sterile hospital walls into a forest of birches and birds, an ocean with motion, breezes and boats, faraway islands and floating clouds.These walls now tell stories that even the youngest patients can read.

Thank you both for giving so much of yourselves to Emerson and for bringing such an exquisite bit of Maine to Concord and the community members who come here for care.

Kay Liebmann, Nurse Coordinator, Pediatric Intervention Team
Mallory Harrison, Child Life Specialist, Pediatric Intervention Team
Joseph M. Bergen, Chairman of Emergency Services
Maureen Mancini, Nursing Director of Emergency Services

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