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Friday, March 23, 2007


High operating costs for the wastewater treatment plant that went online last spring account for $17,000 of the increase in the Carlisle School's budget request for next year. ...more

Yet another twist occurred during the Coventry Woods 40B hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) last Wednesday night. Applicant Mark O'Hagan officially withdrew his 41-unit project plan and submitted a modified plan to the ZBA that contained 48 units and reintroduced the age-restricted criterion whereby at least one resident must be 55 years or older. ...more

The five volunteer members of the Board of Selectmen are Carlisle's town CEOs. They are elected officials, serving for three-year terms. Selectman vice-chair Tim Hult has announced that he will run for re-election this May. Selectman clerk Bill Tice and John Williams are serving terms that will expire in 2008, and chair Doug Stevenson and Alan Carpenito are ...more

Engineering and aesthetics were the topics debated as Planning Board hearings continued on March 12 for special permits requested by Omnipoint Communications (a wholly owned subsidary of T-Mobile USA, Inc.) to locate personal wireless service (PWS) facilities on Erickson Farm at 886 Lowell Street and on Sorli Farm at 1022 Westford Street. After discussion, ...more

The Board of Selectmen (BOS) decided on March 13 to bring in a workplace mediator to help Town Hall employees improve conflict resolution skills and boost moral. The board authorized spending up to $5,000 for the consultant. Selectman Alan Carpenito, who is supervising the project, said that the contract with the consultant is still being finalized. He expects ...more

Peter Badalament, principal of Bellingham High School, and Carla Scuzzarella, principal of Beverly High School, have been chosen as finalists for the position of principal at Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS), replacing retiring Principal Art Dulong. Two other candidates were considered: Alexi Callen, assistant principal of Needham High School, and Alan ...more

· Proposed athletic fields update. Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) member Peter Fischelis gave an update on the proposed athletic fields behind the high school. After the most recent changes, he believes they have the final location of the fields. The fields are slightly longer to provide athletes a bit more space to stop running. ...more

A second candidate, Carol Nathan of Robbins Drive has stepped forward, joining Kenneth Hoffman, in running for the Planning Board, leaving one opening on the board without any volunteers. Hoffman was nominated at the town Caucus on March 12, while Nathan placed her name on the ballot later by submitting a petition with the signatures of at least 26 registered ...more

Thirty-seven brands of cat food and 42 brands of dog food have been recalled this week. A list of these foods can be found at ...more

Money, both money from the town to the Commonwealth and from the Commonwealth to local communities, was the most pressing concern of Selectmen and planners who attended the Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC) semiannual legislative breakfast in Bedford earlier this week. ...more

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7:00 Town Administrator Report ...more

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