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Friday, March 16, 2007


Cranberry Bog dam leaks again

A problem that town officials thought had been solved has re-emerged in a less threatening form. The dam that is part of the Cranberry Bog water-control system has sprung a leak.

This is the same structure in the Chelmsford portion of the Cranberry Bog Reservation that was revamped last summer after a total breach that inundated the flowering Bog. Following that emergency, the Town of Chelmsford replaced the flume and reinforced the earthen dam. A pond re-formed behind it, and Carlisle Cranberries President Mark Duffy breathed a sigh of relief — perhaps a bit too soon.

Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard informed the commission that all was not well at last week's meeting and showed some photographs of water seeping out around the flume and forming two alluvial fans downstream. She told them that Selectman John Williams had dispatched a note asking the commission to follow up. However, members pointed out that Chelmsford had insisted from the beginning that the dam was their responsibility, and that it was clearly a problem for that town's Department of Public Works.

Willard has since reported that the break has partially filled in, and the dam is maintaining a reasonable water level in the pond. Earlier this week she talked with Chelmsford Conservation Commissioner Ruth Luna, who is aware of the problem and has asked to review Willard's files on the matter.

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