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Friday, March 16, 2007


CCHS seeks $1.2 million Warrant Article for maintenance

There is an article on the Town Warrant for a levy limit debt exclusion for Carlisle's share of $1,245,000 in maintenance projects for the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS). Carlisle's assessment, roughly $350,000 is based on the ratio of Carlisle students to Concord students at the high school, about 28% presently.

The list of items that make up the total is varied: A new transportation building is planned to replace the facility currently used, a trailer located behind the high school. The total cost is $300,000, but because it would be used by both the high school and the Concord School District, the cost for the Regional School District would be $120,000.

With increasing student population, modular buildings are requested, at an estimated cost of $150,000. These may house offices as well as two classrooms.

Requested human resource and financial software costs $175,000; and would be used for preparing reports to the State Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Revenue (DOR). When the funding requests were discussed at the Regional School Committee (RSC) meeting on March 13, Director of Finance and Operations John Flaherty explained that while the Town of Concord has a similar software request for their K-8 school system, the two software packages would be used independently by the two separate school systems.

Planned upgrades to the cafeteria include a new floor, new tables and new chairs. RSC member Michael Fitzgerald did not doubt the tables and chairs needed replacing, because he remembered using them 35 years ago when he was a student there. Insulation such as window glazing may be added to make the large, heavily used room more energy efficient.

To improve ventilation in the science rooms the installation of new lab fume hoods is planned at a cost of $75,000.

A $285,000 heating system upgrade is proposed. A number of aging components would be replaced and improved control panels would be added to enable the temperature to be lowered in areas of the school during times when they are not in use.

New fire alarm detection equipment costing $170,000 is also requested. Smoke detectors and heat detectors would be integrated into the existing system.

Proposed lighting improvements would cost $150,000. However, it was estimated that this upgrade would pay for itself quickly in the energy saved.

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