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Friday, March 16, 2007


BOS stands firm on single override of $245,682

Everyone at the Selectmen's meeting on March 13 wondered if the Board would keep the $245,682 single override on the Warrant for Town Meeting or follow the Finance Committee's (FinCom) advice and split it into three prioritized tiers. Chairman Doug Stevenson opened discussion by admitting, "I'm not inclined to revoke what we established last week."

In the absence of any FinCom members at the meeting, Selectman Tim Hult explained their position on the single override (see "FinCom struggles with override".) "A straw poll indicates a significant number of FinCom members would vote against this. I would ask representatives from the school, does that change your minds at all, in terms of how you would like to see this structured?"

Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle shook her head and voiced the opinion she shares with the Carlisle School Committee (CSC),"Our worry is if the sum is tiered, we will only get partial funding of the hundred and fifty thousand we need."

Nicole Burkel, chair of the CSC, emphasized the need for long-term financial restraint, although "contractual obligations" make sudden cuts to next year's budget impractical. "We can do things over an extended time period that won't jeopardize the quality of the education."

After hearing feedback from the school and superintendent regarding their stake in the budget override request, the Selectmen left the wording for a single override intact and formally closed the warrant.

Regarding the fear of long-term fiscal limitations that guided much of the discussion around the packaging of the override, Hult commented, "The community is probably less concerned with this year's amount as with the future increase of expenses."

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