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Friday, March 16, 2007


Contested races emerge for BOH and School Committee

On Monday night 32 voters filed into the Clark Room at Town Hall to nominate candidates for 12 open town offices. Three candidates were nominated for two vacancies each on the Board of Health and the School Committee, setting up the only contested races. The Planning Board was unable to fill its three open positions, with only one candidate emerging.

The Town Caucus requires a quorum of 1% of the number of Carlisle citizens who voted for Massachusetts Governor in the last election. In this case, that number was 2,625, so there had to be 26 people present on Monday night to make a quorum for the caucus.

Wayne Davis of 739 Concord Street, nominated by Selectman Doug Stevenson, was elected as caucus moderator by acclaim, and Kerri Piette of 95 Patch Meadow Lane, nominated by Selectman Alan Carpenito, was elected to serve as secretary for the evening. Davis outlined the procedure for the caucus, and nominations were opened for elected offices that will become vacant on July 1.

One candidate was nominated for each of the single vacancies, including Town Moderator, Selectman, Assessor, Housing Authority and Library Trustee. In all cases the nominee is the incumbent, including Tim Hult who is running for re-election to the Board of Selectmen.

Three Planning Board members whose terms are expiring in 2007, including David Freedman, Peter Stuart and Tom Lane, are not running for re-election. With only one nominee, the Planning Board is still seeking at least two more candidates.

Two positions on the School Committee are expiring. Wendell Sykes was nominated for another term. Christy Barbee has chosen not to run for re-election, but told the Mosquito that she will continue to serve on the School Building Committee, an appointed position.

All of the candidates were nominated, then seconded, and finally selected for the ballot as a slate by a vote cast by the secretary. By law, the caucus may nominate two candidates for each position. If more than two names are placed in nomination, a run-off vote at the caucus is required and the top two vote-getters win places on the ballot. No run-off votes were required this evening.

Lacking further nominees, the Town Caucus was closed at 7:32 p.m.

Running for office

Anyone who now wishes to run for elected office may place their name on the ballot by taking out nomination papers and gathering 26 signatures. (This number is also determined as representative of 1% of all who voted for Governor in the last election.) Nomination papers must be filed with Town Clerk Charlene Hinton by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20. One may also be elected by organizing a write-in campaign at the Town Election.

All candidates who are on the ballot will be invited to attend the Candidates Forum, sponsored by the League of Women Voters, on April 22 from 3 to 5 p.m.

The Town Election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 8.

Nominees for Town Office

No. of

Position Vacancies Nominee Address Term, yrs Nominated by

Town Moderator 1 Thomas J. Raftery* Concord Street 1 Douglas Stevenson

Selectman 1 Timothy Hult* Audubon Lane 3 Douglas Stevenson

Assessor 1 James Marchant* Russell Street 3 Charles Ferraro

Board of Health 2 Martha Bedrosian* Bedford Road 3 David Freedman

William Risso* Wolf Rock Road 3 David Freedman

Christopher Deignan Forest Park Drive 3 Larry Bearfield

Housing Authority 1 Alan P. Lehotsky* West Street 6 Susan Lehotsky

Library Trustee 1 Priscilla Stevens* Maple Street 3 Felix Conti

Planning Board 3 Kenneth R. Hoffman Spencer Brook Lane 3 David Freedman

School Committee 2 Dale Ryder Lowell Street 3 Elizabeth Bishop

Donald Rober Rutland Street 3 Laura Marshall

Wendell Sykes* Indian Hill 3 Nicole Burkel

* Incumbent

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