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Friday, March 2, 2007


The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hearing on the Coventry Woods 40B application continued on Friday evening, February 16, with the board pursuing unresolved questions about the potential impact of effluent from the development on the wells and homes of several abutters. At its last meeting, on January 29, the ZBA agreed with a strong recommendation from the ...more

Town operating expenses that increase every year and two proposed large school building projects will have a large impact on property taxes over time, a new report shows. Though average household incomes are high, with the median income projected at around $164,000 in 2006, it remains to be seen whether residents can, or are willing to, absorb future tax increases. ...more

A 19.5-acre section of the subdivision proposed for the corner of Route 225 and Curve Street may include affordable housing, the Planning Board learned at its Februrary 26 meeting when George Dimakarakos of Stamski & McNary and Rob West representing Wilkins Hill Realty, LLC, presented the Preliminary Subdivision Plan for the 35-lot development now dubbed ...more

The Board of Selectmen has scheduled an extra meeting for Tuesday, March 6, to discuss tax levy limit overrides and Warrant Articles for Spring Town Meeting. Under consideration is a request for $241,000 from the Carlisle Public School and a newly received request from the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee for up to $300,000 to complete pathways in the ...more

CPC to review $86,000 in requests ...more

The Board of Selectmen has responded to allegations of a harassment complaint against Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie that first came to public attention when her contract was renewed in November 2006. Board of Health Chair Martha Bedrosian had then proposed deferring a decision on the contract until complaints by two Board of Health employees were resolved. ...more

At the FinCom February 26 meeting Recreation Commission Chair Allen Deary presented a proposal intended to stay within the FinCom guideline of 2.9% budget increase for FY08 and, at the same time, implement a recommendation of the Personnel Board to hire a "full-time" recreation director. ...more

The word "multi-faceted" well describes both the Board of Health (BOH) and its mission. As stated on the town's web site (, the BOH is an elected board that is "responsible for assessing, maintaining and protecting the public health, safety and environment of the Town of Carlisle." While this description is broad, the ...more

Warren Lyman and Debbie Geltner of the Land Stewardship Committee (LSC) presented the Conservation Commission with a draft copy of their 58-page "Baseline Assessment for the Cranberry Bog" at ConsCom's February 22 meeting. This is the third, and one of the most challenging of what is slated to be a series of similar compendia for each of the town's ...more

East Street resident Paul Blanco was reported missing Saturday night after his snowmobile encountered a wide stretch of open water while he and two friends were traveling across the ice on the northern section of Sebago Lake near Sebago State Park. Two riders (Bedford resident Jonathan Herbster and Gary Huntley of Oxford, Maine) were able to skim across the ...more

Carlisle School lead and copper monitoring reduced. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) notified the Board of Health (BOH) on February 5 that it has agreed to reduce the frequency of testing required to monitor lead and copper levels at the Carlisle Public School. The DEP letter stated that the school, in compliance with state ...more

The responsibilities of the volunteers who serve on Carlisle's Planning Board include many aspects of land use and development. The board reviews, recommends and administers the Zoning Bylaws, and much of the board's time is taken up with review of subdivisions and special permits. The Planning Board is the special permit-granting authority for Private Common ...more

7:30 p.m. Town Hall

7:30 Minutes, bills, agenda items ...more

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