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Friday, March 2, 2007


BOS responds to harassment questions

The Board of Selectmen has responded to allegations of a harassment complaint against Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie that first came to public attention when her contract was renewed in November 2006. Board of Health Chair Martha Bedrosian had then proposed deferring a decision on the contract until complaints by two Board of Health employees were resolved. The BOS voted to renew the contract at a 6% increase for each of three years. The Concord Journal took an interest in the story, running two front page articles in December. The Carlisle Mosquito was unable to get a statement regarding the complaint in January (see "Complaint against town administrator sparks media interest," January 26, 2007), but recently received the following letter from Selectman Doug Stevenson:

The BOS Chair writes

To the Editor:

We regret that any discussion of the complaint against Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie has been held in the public forum. As with all personnel matters of this nature we expect any and all information to remain strictly confidential.

In order to clarify the public record, this incident did not constitute harassment by the Town Administrator. The complaint has been investigated and is now considered resolved.

We expect all parties involved to continue to respect the confidentiality of this matter.

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