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Friday, March 2, 2007


CPC to review $86,000 in requests

In the coming weeks the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) will evaluate six different applications to use Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds collected by the town's 2% property tax surcharge and the state's matching grant program.

Three reviewed on March 5

On Monday, March 5, the CPC will begin by reviewing three of the requests. The committee's newly elected Chair, Kelly Stringham, spoke with the Mosquito, sharing details about the applications:

The Council on Aging would like $25,000 to conduct an assessment of the needs of Carlisle's senior citizens. An outside consultant would help survey seniors, as well as compare Carlisle's services with those offered by demographically similar towns. Mandated services would be reviewed and future needs for services and facilities would be projected based on expected population growth.

The Selectmen are requesting $20,000 in CPA funds to remove the old caretaker cottage on the town's Greenough conservation land and perform any necessary abatement of hazardous materials that might be involved, such as asbestos.

The Conservation Commission and its Land Stewardship Committee have applied for $5,511 to construct about 30 new or replacement signs to be used on seven of the town's conservation lands.

March 20 schedule

A proposal to relocate and rebuild the Veterans' Honor Roll Memorial is being brought to the CPC by the Town Common Committee (TCC), which asks $22,000 to rebuild the wooden memorial and possibly relocate it slightly farther back from the road. On February 27, the TCC met with the Historical Commission to seek their advice on the project.

The Historical Commission is already involved in the remaining two applications for CPA funding. The commission has submitted a request for $8,400 to inventory Native American ceremonial sites in town. Stringham said there are about two dozen sites of interest, on both public and private property. The work would be guided by both scientific and Native American experts.

The final application is for $5,000 to assess the condition of the town center statue of the Goddess of Liberty. The stone surface is mottled, showing the effects of time and exposure to air pollution.

On April 2 the committee will finalize its recommendations regarding the proposals, to be voted by Town Meeting on April 30.

$1 million in CPA funds

At the end of January, the town had a little over one million dollars in available CPA funds, assigned to various categories.Ten percent of funds collected under the CPA are reserved for projects relating to open space preservation, 10% for community housing and 10% is reserved for historic preservation. The remaining 70% of the funds are undesignated and may be spent for any of these purposes or for public recreation.

Funds available that were reserved for historic purposes totaled $208,119, while those reserved for community low- and moderate-income housing totaled $137,119. There was no money left in the open-space reserve because the yearly allotment is used to help pay off the Benfield Land purchase. Besides the reserved amounts there is an additonal $494,749 in undesignated funds. On top of that, $225,098 in year to date income is available, but has not yet been allocated between the various usage categories.

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