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Friday, February 16, 2007


Salaries compared among area school superintendents

A recent article in the Boston Globe NorthWest ("School chief's pay surges" 2/11/07) indicated Concord and Concord-Carlisle's Brenda Finn is the third most highly paid superintendent in the 37 districts northwest of Boston, with Carlisle's Marie Doyle well down the list. However, compared to other K-8 schools, Carlisle is not as miserly as it at first seems.

Among the much larger group of school superintendents in eastern Massachusetts, the overall average is $147,500, and Finn's compensation ranks 11th. Her total compensation of $180,416 includes $160,414 in base salary and a $20,000 annuity, while Doyle's total compensation of $127,915 includes $124,415 in base salary, $2,500 annuity, and $1,000 in insurance benefits. Finn manages 3,173 students between the two school districts she leads, while Doyle has 808.

A comparison with other K-8 and K-6 schools in eastern Massachusetts from the website indicates Doyle's compensation falls in the middle of the range of salaries paid by these schools.

The school districts with the highest compensation packages include: Boston ($283,500) with 57,349 students, Newton ($229,460) with 11,567 students and Wellesley ($218,557) with an enrollment of 4,559. Mathew King, a former Carlisle School Superintendent, heads the Wellesley school district.

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