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Friday, February 9, 2007


According to local historian Martha Fifield Wilkins, whose "Notebooks" in the 1930s chronicled old Carlisle families and houses, the Brick-end House was built around 1780 by Jonathan Heald, a descendant of one of the town's founding families. In its earliest days, the house was probably a tavern, perhaps run by the Heald or Nutting families. ...more

Valentine's Day -- a day created for romance, roses, chocolates, diamonds, a special dinner and Hallmark cards. On February 14, romantic love will be in the air, but love is all around us every day, if we stop to look. ...more

Today is Carmen Miranda's birthday and in less than a week it will be Valentine's Day. Carmen is reported to have said "More affectionate than a kiss is a well done hug, in someone that you love. Have you ever noticed how I can give delicious hugs?" Carmen would be happy to know that the Carlisle woods harbor huggers. Mosses and liverworts ...more

What does the average person's attitude towards global warming have to do with the overflowing of a bathtub that is simultaneously filling and draining? Well, a lot if you listen to Professor John Sterman, the MIT Jay Forrester Professor of Management, and the director of the System Dynamics group at the Sloan School of management. ...more

Next Wednesday, we celebrate that reddest and most effusive of holidays, Valentine's Day. Hearts, flowers, cards, candlelight, candy and jewelry will appear everywhere. The American Greeting Card Association reports that Americans purchase nearly a billion Valentine cards each year, over 50% of them within six days of February 14 (hurry up, procrastinators), ...more

The Gleason Public Library currently features 200 works of art created by nearly as many artists from the Carlisle Public School in the Winter Art Celebration Exhibit. Although students have shown their work in smaller shows at the library, this is the first time the school has had the display spaces of the entire library available in a major show. The displays, ...more

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