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Friday, February 9, 2007


Shorts from the Zoning Board of Appeals on February 1

· Mark Barrow of 166 Fiske Street appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) initially requesting a variance to modify the existing shed row barn on his property. The barn was built before the current building code was adopted, and half of the barn is within the 40-foot setback of the property line. After lengthy discussions between the ZBA and Barrow and Building Inspector John Minty over issues concerning the adjacent wetlands and different options for repairing versus razing the barn, the ZBA denied Barrow's request without prejudice so he could reappear as soon as he was prepared. The board also advised him to consult with the Conservation and Historical Commissions and create a more detailed building plan.

· Kevin Brown of 133 Hutchins Road requested a variance to erect a carport on his property after discovering that he was in violation for already having installed it. Brown explained that because he believed it to be a temporary structure, it would not fall under a permitting process, but a violation letter from the Building Department informed him otherwise. Brown planned the installation of the carport with his neighbor, who appeared to support Brown's variance request, and chose the particular location on his property because it was flat, it was accessible to the front yard where he stores tractors and utility trailers, and because it would not disturb the existing grading easements for his and his neighbor's septic systems in his backyard. The building is anchored to the ground using ringed rebar and is eight feet tall at the center.

The ZBA granted Brown the variance, tying it to the specific make, model and year of the structure so that if current or future owners seek to replace or modify the existing structure, they would need to appear before the ZBA prior to doing so.

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