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Friday, February 9, 2007


Amidst abutter complaint, ZBA grants animal hospital a renewal

Carlisle Animal Hospital/Healthy Pet Corporation (HPC) of 998 Bedford Road appeared before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to review their compliance with conditions of the special permit granted one year ago and to request that the special permit be extended for a longer period of time so they can complete their renovations to update the facility. Although an abutter registered her complaints about the hospital, the board granted the operator's request.

According to practice manager Pat Muse, Carlisle Animal Hospital met all of the conditions of their special permit: they did not keep pets overnight as would a commercial kennel; they did not exceed their parking capacity; they installed a fence between the hospital and an abutter; they remain closed on Sundays; they built a fence between the hospital and abutters so owners could walk their animals in an appropriate place; they maintained the practice with one full-time veterinarian; and they installed signage so clients would know which direction to exit the parking lot to minimize traffic and safety concerns.

Susan Campagna of Bedford Road sent a letter to the ZBA, however, voicing her ongoing, general objections with the veterinary hospital, asking for "visual screening" from strangers, and relief from "sick animals, criminals seeking drugs and speeding cars." She further asserted that Carlisle Animal Hospital is not in compliance with Title 5 septic regulations.

Peter Farrington, attorney for Dr. Peter Morey, the animal hospital and property owner as well as prior operator of the Carlisle Animal Hospital, stated that Campagna bought her property five years ago and was well aware that the Carlisle Animal Hospital had been established for 30 years. Furthermore, Farrington and the Zoning Board were unsure why Title 5 compliance was raised to the ZBA when septic system matters fall under the jurisdiction of the Board of Health. Carlisle Animal Hospital/HPC veterinarian Dr. Melissa Sargent stated that they have never had a septic system truck on the property, though it is possible that Morey has had one visit since he is currently in the process of upgrading his home in hopes of leasing it.

Zoning Board member Cindy Nock stated that she did not have issues with renewing their special permit for three or five years since they have had a good record of operation during the past year. The board ultimately approved the special permit for three years allowing Carlisle Animal Hospital/HPC to continue operating under Dr. Peter Morey's special permit, which is valid until 2015. If, however, the owner of the property changes, the Carlisle Animal Hospital/HPC is required to appear before the board and reapply for a special permit because the permit is tied to the owner, Morey, and not to the land.

ZBA Coventry Woods hearing postponed

The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, which was originally scheduled for Monday, February 5, was postponed due to a scheduling conflict.

The hearing on the proposed Coventry Woods will continue on Friday, February 16, at 7:30 p.m.

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