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Friday, February 9, 2007


Keys for Beede Center handed over to Concord

Monday night, CC Pools Executive Director Tim Atkins and assistant Kate Carr "handed over the keys" of the Beede Center to the Concord Selectmen. Atkins has spent 11 years getting the project off the ground, into the ground, up and running, and finally, paid for, with a price tag of $10.5 million. It is the largest donation ever made to the town of Concord. Atkins said the hand-off was very simple and very quick. "We [he and Carr] are as pleased as punch!...The center has far exceeded our expectations." The Beede Center could not be given to the town until the building was totally debt-free.

The final fundraiser, which pulled in the remaining $400,000, culminated at Scupper Jack's in Acton on January 28. Four items were raffled off: a Toyota Prius, a Segway and two bicycles. The Prius was won by Jill and David Collis of Concord.

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