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Friday, February 2, 2007


At the end of Monday night's four-hour Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hearing on the Coventry Woods 40B application, attorney for the applicant, Lou Levine, presented the board with a letter giving notice that the applicant now considers the public hearing closed. This followed ZBA attorney Dan Hill's recommendation that the board require a current copy of ...more

On Tuesday, January 30, both parties to the negotiation of the Carlisle Police Union contract took a last stab at a settlement before entering binding arbitration, and in over four hours of discussion were able to reach agreement. "We're happy with the contract we signed and grateful for the support of the town," said Steve Mack, Carlisle Police ...more

Recently, Carlisle School Committee members were individually approached and asked to comment on their votes regarding Superintendent Marie Doyle's contract renewal. Now, although their votes were split on that issue, members say they have a good working relationship with each other and Doyle, who has been Superintendent since 2004. ...more

At long last, the Regional School Committee (RSC) approved a revised plan to create two new artificial turf fields to be constructed on the hill behind the Concord-Carlisle High School. RSC member Peter Fischelis and the group that worked to get this project "on the ground" have spent many hours, over months, of time trying to create a plan that ...more

For the third time, compromise between the Conservation Commission and a team representing Concord Street homeowner Theodore Mark eluded the negotiators at a meeting on January 11. The problem first surfaced in November of 2006 when Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard discovered a number of discrepancies between work in progress at the site and the Order ...more

With Planning Board approval pending, representatives of the John Raymond Brown Trust have passed the first hurdle in the Conservation Commission's acceptance process for the proposed Chestnut Estates Conservation Cluster. The commission issued an Order of Resource Area Determination (ORAD), a vote that confirms agreement on the wetland boundaries that will ...more

Building Inspector budget. Building permits for new homes are down this fiscal year, with 11 issued since the start of the fiscal year that began last July 1. Building Inspector Bob Koning said new home permits averaged 27-29 a year over the last five years. "I don't think we'll hit that this year," he told Selectmen, explaining the ...more

Before presenting data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey to the Regional School Committee, Principal Art Dulong reminded the audience that students ages 13 through 18 are going through tremendous hormonal changes. Also, this is a risk survey. It is not going to have complimentary data. "Kids are going to make mistakesOur quest is to keep them as safe ...more

"What would happen at CCHS [if there was a stabbing]? Do we have a program?" These questions were posed by Leigh Davis, a senior at Concord-Carlisle High School and student member of the Regional School Committee, at a meeting less than a week after the slaying at Lincoln-Sudbury High School. Principal Art Dulong replied, "[The act of violence ...more

Trip to London and Scotland. At the Regional School Committee meeting on January 23, drama teacher George Kendall asked for permission to plan a trip to London and Scotland in August 2008 to be a part of the American High School Theater Festival. Roughly 30 to 40 students would perform a play four times to an international audience. The trip ...more

Four birds of prey swooped in to see the fourth graders at the Carlisle School on January 22. The students are finishing up their owl unit. They have read Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat, dissected owl pellets, and learned the name of at least one type of owl that lives in Carlisle. The logical next step was to meet some owls. Luckily, with generous ...more

The Finance Committee had asked each department to prepare a budget that fits within the guideline limit of a 2.9% increase, as well as a budget that shows what is needed to maintain current services and one that includes reasonable growth. Their January 29 meeting concentrated on the following areas: Department of Public Works (DPW), Town Treasurer, Town ...more

Tree removal on Cross Street. During a joint hearing with Carlisle Tree Warden Gary Davis on January 22, the Planning Board reviewed a request from developer William Costello to remove five trees and approximately 31 feet of stone wall within the public right-of-way of Cross Street in order to create a driveway entrance to a proposed ...more

On Tuesday night, the Board of Health (BOH) agreed to recommend that no more than 2,000 gallons of water per day (gpd) be drawn from an irrigation well proposed for the Coventry Woods 40B development on Concord Street. The board will also recommend that the developer add a third 10,000-gallon cistern to collect rainwater on site and store water supplied by ...more

The Carlisle Zoning Board of Appeals, at their continued open hearing for the Coventry Woods 40B development on February 5 at 7:30 p.m., will discuss at 8 p.m. the removal of trees along the scenic road of Concord Street. ...more

Thursday, February 8

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