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Friday, February 2, 2007


Boy Scouts enjoy "Deep Freeze" trip

From January 13 to January 15 the Boy Scouts and my dog went on an amazing trip called the "Deep Freeze." It gets its name from the temperature, wind and snow. All of these things combined make one really fun but cold trip. This year the trip was abnormally mild for winter.

On January 13 we headed off for New Hampshire. We started our trip by hiking about 2.5 miles. This is the only trip throughout the year that we drag our supplies in on sleds rather than using a backpack. When we reached our old camp site from a few years back, we set up our tents and gathered A LOT of fire wood that we would use for the next few days. That night we made a decent fire and for dinner we had chili. Chili is a good meal for winter trips because it stays hot. On January 14, we woke up to hot oatmeal and snow. After finishing breakfast we set off for our day hike. This day hike would prove difficult because of ice. There was about half an inch of fresh powder over lots and lots of ice.

Everyone but my dog "Rusty" had a hard time climbing up Owls Cliff. We reached Owls Cliff and had a nice lunch of Ramen noodles and cookies. After we finished lunch we set out for the top of Mt. Tremont, about 200 feet farther up. Unfortunately we had to go down about 300 feet first. The climb was difficult. The people in the front had to break through the ice into the hard snow to make foot-holds for everyone else. After climbing about 420 feet up we turned back because it was too hard with all the ice to climb. The trail was very steep and it seemed to go on forever. Another reason we turned back was because it was getting late and we all wanted dinner.

Now this was where the fun began. It started with a long steep section and we came up with a faster and much more fun way to get down the mountain. We all sat down and slid down it. We didn't have much room for error because the path was about three feet wide with trees all around. When the mountain started to level off, we ran. It had been snowing for the whole day.

When we got back to camp we sat down and made a huge fire. When we finished eating, we all fell asleep in minutes because the day hike killed any energy we had. The next morning I woke up with stiff legs but I knew we would hike out today. We spent the morning packing up our sleds. We set off for home in the later morning. Maybe it was just me but the way out seemed a lot longer than the hike in. The fun wasn't over though; on all the downhills all we had to do was jump on our sleds and we would be down the hill before we knew it.

Finally, when we reached the cars, we packed up and headed for home. In the car my mind raced with everything that had happened on the camping trip. I think this was one of the best trips of the year because of the challenge of the cold and keeping dry. On the way back we stopped for pizza. When we got home, we unloaded the car and fell asleep and that's that.

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