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Friday, January 26, 2007


Complaint against town administrator sparks media interest

In a surprising departure from its usual focus, our neighbor to the south, the Concord Journal, recently ran two front-page articles on nefarious doings at Town Hall in Carlisle. The articles, written by Kerri Roche, concerned allegations of "non-sexual harassment" submitted by two members of the Carlisle Board of Health against Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie. The first article entitled "Carlisle official faces employees' complaint" ran in the December 28 issue, with a follow-on article, "All quiet with complaint case" on January 18.

The allegations first came to public attention when McKenzie's contract was renewed in November. At that time, Board of Health Chair Martha Bedrosian alluded to harassment complaints by Board of Health employees as a reason to delay a decision on a three-year contract renewal. The Board of Selectmen disagreed and voted to renew the contract at a 6% increase each year.

The first Journal article stated that Bedrosian had characterized the complaints as "non-sexual harassment" and said a meeting to discuss the allegations was planned for January 2. The meeting was to include Bedrosian, two members of the Board of Selectmen, including Chair Doug Stevenson, a member of the Personnel Board, and two Board of Health members, in addition to the two who had lodged the complaint. The second article reported that "Carlisle town officials have remained mum. . ." and that phone calls requesting information had not been returned.

In another surprise, the usually communicative Stevenson refused to make any comment to the Mosquito on the progress of the complaint, "The Journal reported nothing was heard, and that was intentional." He said he had spoken to Bedriosian "and we agreed it would be inappropriate to offer comments at this time." Asked to clarify if any steps had been taken toward a resolution, Stevenson again refused to comment: "We are not going to involve the paper . . . until the appropriate time."

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