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Friday, January 26, 2007


Students with cell phones find facts faster

The tragedy at Lincoln-Sudbury High School proved that kids with cell phones can communicate at a very fast rate, faster than administrators, teachers and probably police. L-S was locked down early Friday morning, but initially students were not told why. So what did they do? They used text-messaging on their cell phones to communicate with their friends at all the neighboring schools to see if anyone else knew what was going on. Those in the library got online to find out facts. With text-messages flying back and forth, L-S students were told by friends outside, and even a mother in at least one case, what tragedy had occurred. As the minutes ticked, more and more students "heard" about what was going on at L-S from their cell phones.

Students are not supposed to be text-messaging in class, but last Friday it happened in a big way. Needless to say, the information traveled faster than a wildfire. With information comes misinformation. Realizing this, Concord-Carlisle Principal Art Dulong made an announcement to all the students, squelching rumors that were already flying that someone was going from high school to high school stabbing students. (See story on page 1.)

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